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Ag13 battery equivalent chart

What battery is equivalent to AG13? The Energizer 357/303 battery is a direct replacement for the AG13 battery. It is a 1.5-volt alkaline battery that is commonly used in electronic devices such as clocks, watches, calculators, and toys. Is AG13 the same as LR44? Yes, AG13 and LR44 are the same.

If you are looking for battery equivalents, replacements and cross reference charts, then. L1131H Battery Equivalent Chart - 3v Cr1632 Button Cell Battery Pack/3v Lithium Battery. KS76, MS76, SP76, A76, PX76a, AG13. #A76 BATTERY EQUIVALENT CHART PDF BATTERY CROSS# #A76 BATTERY EQUIVALENT CHART DOWNLOAD THE DESIRED#.


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LR41, AG3 and SR41 Battery Equivalents. [email protected] Alkaline Button, Silver Oxide. AG3, LR41 and SR41 Battery Equivalent and Replacements LR41 and AG3 are and alkaline battery whereas SR41 (known as 192, 384 and 392 watch batteries) are the silver oxide version. It is important to buy the correct type of battery Read more.

ALKALINE Duracell IEC Energizer/Ucar Varta Kodak Panasonic Rayovac Philips AAMN1500 LR6 E91 4206/4006 KAA AM3 815 LR6 AAA MN2400 LR03 E92 4203/4003 K3A AM4 824 LR03.

> Size Chart > Cross Reference > Delivery > FAQs about Watch Batteries > Location > Legal > Contact Us; Free Shipping! Easy To Use Site. Established 1999. ... AG13 watch battery LR44 $2.99 . AG2 watch battery 396 $2.99 . AG3 watch battery 392 $2.99 . AG4 watch battery 376 $2.99 . AG5 watch battery 393 $2.99.

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